The Play Ground:Villagio Mall

Andrea and Sean love to go to Villagio mall.  Dad N came home but he had to go to another place to talk to his friend so he dropped us off in Villagio mall. Sean dozed off while we were in the car so Ate Andrea  should be the responsible Ate carrying all the other stuffs until we reach the Moonsoon Accessorize Shop.

After buying the “wants” for a nearly 4 year old kiddo from this shop for half of the items prices we headed to the fast food area. They told me that they want to buy from the Holly Wood Stall some brownies and muffins for their dessert and the usual order of chicken wings from KFC and the kiddie meal which consists of nuggets, fries and juice from McDonald’s.

And while we waited for Dad N to come and fetch us Andrea and Sean played, run to and fro and goofed around.

Here are some of their pics:

kids1.JPG   andreaballetd.JPG   kids2.JPG

Andrea’s picks:

                  moonsoon.JPG   moonsoonkids.JPG  

                  skirtshoes.JPG   mules.JPG

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