The Pink Poodle

Six months ago, we went to City Lifestyle at City Center and Princess saw this cute pink poodle bag and asked if she can have this but I told her no, she insisted, cried and hugged this stuff toy until we reached the cashier but still I put it aside and did not pay for it. She was sad for a moment then back to her old self again–a bubbly kiddo. I told her to wait for the sale season because that time there was no discount.

And last week as I went to Home Center to buy the Christmas gifts, I saw it again with a 50% discount. It was the last piece on the shelf and I bought it for my Munchkin and it has a company, another pink poodle but this is not another bag but a pencil case. She was soundly sleeping in her stroller the time that I bought these but she nearly jumped with joy when she saw these 2 pink poodles when we reached home. See, honey munchkin patience is really a good virtue. Now, you got two of them.




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