The Backyardigans Friends

Princess enjoys watching the animated musical adventures of five preschool friends, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin. They are the Backyardigans. She loves Tasha singing in her Princess Cleotasha role in the episode of “The Key to the Nile”. This episode teaches the importance of sayoing “please and thank you”.

And adores Tyrone and the gang with their Pirate Treasure escapades. Every now and then you’ll hear her say “Arrrr, Arrr, Arrr!”.

Now she’s watching the Polka Palace Party episode. She’s asking me if she can have a clarinet, a tuba, drums and an accordion. She saw Tyrone using a tuba, Pablo with an accordion, Austin enjoying in a raft with his drums and Uniqua singing with her clarinet. They were cowboys and a cowgirl, and Princess too wants to be a cowgirl!


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