Elina or Cinderella?

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 Princess is torn on who she wants to be during her costume party in her 4th birthday. I told her to decide so that we can find the costume and I’m not going to let her have both, it should be only one. So one day she would say, “Mommy, I want to have a blue beautiful gown like Cinderella”. But then the following day there would be a change in her plans, she would say, “Oh, I want to be like Elina, pink wings and rainbow colored nice fairy dress!”

And yesterday while we were in Landmark Mall we saw in Marks and Spencer a beautiful Cinderella gown and it’s reversable so I asked her if she wants the gown and excitedly she said yes, she wants it. So, there now it’s settled. Her fourth birthday party would be a disney princess themed party. It’s just a simple party with all her friends in costumes and at least we settled the theme and the rest would be taken cared of by momsy.

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                       The reversible cinderella gown.

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