My Wishlist:)

Princess is nearing her 4th birthday and she wishes to receive the ff. as gifts… 1. Baby Snow White momsy will buy for her coupled with lots and lots of warm hugs and sweet kisses. 2. Little Cinderella Doll, we want Dad N to promise her for this one but he’s insisting on giving another gift… Continue reading My Wishlist:)

The Pink Poodle

Six months ago, we went to City Lifestyle at City Center and Princess saw this cute pink poodle bag and asked if she can have this but I told her no, she insisted, cried and hugged this stuff toy until we reached the cashier but still I put it aside and did not pay for… Continue reading The Pink Poodle

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A Friend’s Birthday

Princess and Sean attended the 2nd Birthday Party of their friend Leila. Here are some of their pictures…

Stickers and Beads

Princess loves to collect and play with stickers (Disney Princesses and others) and got this new fancy on beads. We went to Dream Shopping Store to buy more Christmas decor for our Christmas tree and she asked for these stickers too. This is actually a best buy, for Qr. 2.50 you’ll get more than 400… Continue reading Stickers and Beads