A Merry Christmas for our Princess

Andrea Lizette enjoyed much this Christmas Season. She’s been waiting for this special holiday and too excited to write Santa Claus for the presents that she want to receive. For this year we decided not to have the Santa appearance in the house since the daddy almost blew his cover of being the Santa last year so I guess she’ll be contented with our ready made explanation why Santa did not came this Christmas Eve.  From afternoon of 24th to 7 pm in the evening she was busy playing with the kids of our friends who were here in our abode for a small party then she dozed off  after that. We have to go  down for another party with the neighbors so her daddy carried her downstairs and when she opened her eyes she was asking where is Santa. And daddy explained to her that Santa Claus came but she was sleeping so he just left his presents for her. She was disappointed since she really want to personally hand her letter to Santa and of course she want to talk to him. She insisted of keeping her letter with her rather than putting it in her christmas huge red sock. She enjoyed a short time play and opening of gifts with her friends in the compound and then we had to leave to another party in her Dad Yam and Mom May’s place. We stayed there until  2 in the morning and they stayed until 4 am. She opened some of her gifts specially the one’s that she thinks that came from Santa Claus.She received lots of gifts from all of us. We asked her what she want for Christmas and we ordered it in Amazon  and we named each gift pretending that it came from her loving grandparents and aunts and uncles in the Philippines. She had a blast opening gifts with her sweet brother Sean and daddy. Indeed Christmas is about giving and receiving and the true spirit of Christmas of understanding why as Christians we celebrate it the importance of the birth of Jesus Christ though she did not fully comprehend why the birth of Papa Jesus, our saviour but at least it’s a good start. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! img_0873.JPG   img_0877.JPGimg_0896.JPG   img_0900.JPGimg_0947.JPGimg_0965.JPG   img_0959.JPG  

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