Elina or Cinderella?

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 Princess is torn on who she wants to be during her costume party in her 4th birthday. I told her to decide so that we can find the costume and I’m not going to let her have both, it should be only one. So one day she would say, “Mommy, I want to have a blue beautiful gown like Cinderella”. But then the following day there would be a change in her plans, she would say, “Oh, I want to be like Elina, pink wings and rainbow colored nice fairy dress!”

And yesterday while we were in Landmark Mall we saw in Marks and Spencer a beautiful Cinderella gown and it’s reversable so I asked her if she wants the gown and excitedly she said yes, she wants it. So, there now it’s settled. Her fourth birthday party would be a disney princess themed party. It’s just a simple party with all her friends in costumes and at least we settled the theme and the rest would be taken cared of by momsy.

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                       The reversible cinderella gown.

The Pink Poodle

Six months ago, we went to City Lifestyle at City Center and Princess saw this cute pink poodle bag and asked if she can have this but I told her no, she insisted, cried and hugged this stuff toy until we reached the cashier but still I put it aside and did not pay for it. She was sad for a moment then back to her old self again–a bubbly kiddo. I told her to wait for the sale season because that time there was no discount.

And last week as I went to Home Center to buy the Christmas gifts, I saw it again with a 50% discount. It was the last piece on the shelf and I bought it for my Munchkin and it has a company, another pink poodle but this is not another bag but a pencil case. She was soundly sleeping in her stroller the time that I bought these but she nearly jumped with joy when she saw these 2 pink poodles when we reached home. See, honey munchkin patience is really a good virtue. Now, you got two of them.




Stickers and Beads

Princess loves to collect and play with stickers (Disney Princesses and others) and got this new fancy on beads. We went to Dream Shopping Store to buy more Christmas decor for our Christmas tree and she asked for these stickers too. This is actually a best buy, for Qr. 2.50 you’ll get more than 400 Disney Stickers and there’s also another sticker pad which contains more than 700 tiny stickers only for Qr. 300 riyals. Well, as for Princess she’s pretty happy with all of her loot! And a box of tiny beads in 5 different colors cost only Qr. 2.75 riyals.


This lovely green beaded bracelet is made by Mom Dimpz for Princess.

The Backyardigans Friends

Princess enjoys watching the animated musical adventures of five preschool friends, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin. They are the Backyardigans. She loves Tasha singing in her Princess Cleotasha role in the episode of “The Key to the Nile”. This episode teaches the importance of sayoing “please and thank you”.

And adores Tyrone and the gang with their Pirate Treasure escapades. Every now and then you’ll hear her say “Arrrr, Arrr, Arrr!”.

Now she’s watching the Polka Palace Party episode. She’s asking me if she can have a clarinet, a tuba, drums and an accordion. She saw Tyrone using a tuba, Pablo with an accordion, Austin enjoying in a raft with his drums and Uniqua singing with her clarinet. They were cowboys and a cowgirl, and Princess too wants to be a cowgirl!


Dora, Princess New Friend!

dora.jpgPrincess got a gift from Ninong Robin, a VCD of Dora The Explorer, it’s her new fave movie. Everyday, she wants to watch Dora and Boots and sings along with them. Not only the movie she’s watching and also she got hooked on the the activities, stories, games, everything on Dora the explorer website. Barney and teletubbies got some rest but still they are her best friends.

When I asked her what she wants from Daddy when he gets home from the office, her reply would automatically would be, ” Two ice cream and two pop!” and “One for Barney and one for Po.” And she would make statements like, “Nothing for Sean coz he’s still a baby.”