A Merry Christmas for our Princess

Andrea Lizette enjoyed much this Christmas Season. She’s been waiting for this special holiday and too excited to write Santa Claus for the presents that she want to receive. For this year we decided not to have the Santa appearance in the house since the daddy almost blew his cover of being the Santa last year so I guess she’ll be contented with our ready made explanation why Santa did not came this Christmas Eve.  From afternoon of 24th to 7 pm in the evening she was busy playing with the kids of our friends who were here in our abode for a small party then she dozed off  after that. We have to go  down for another party with the neighbors so her daddy carried her downstairs and when she opened her eyes she was asking where is Santa. And daddy explained to her that Santa Claus came but she was sleeping so he just left his presents for her. She was disappointed since she really want to personally hand her letter to Santa and of course she want to talk to him. She insisted of keeping her letter with her rather than putting it in her christmas huge red sock. She enjoyed a short time play and opening of gifts with her friends in the compound and then we had to leave to another party in her Dad Yam and Mom May’s place. We stayed there until  2 in the morning and they stayed until 4 am. She opened some of her gifts specially the one’s that she thinks that came from Santa Claus.She received lots of gifts from all of us. We asked her what she want for Christmas and we ordered it in Amazon  and we named each gift pretending that it came from her loving grandparents and aunts and uncles in the Philippines. She had a blast opening gifts with her sweet brother Sean and daddy. Indeed Christmas is about giving and receiving and the true spirit of Christmas of understanding why as Christians we celebrate it the importance of the birth of Jesus Christ though she did not fully comprehend why the birth of Papa Jesus, our saviour but at least it’s a good start. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! img_0873.JPG   img_0877.JPGimg_0896.JPG   img_0900.JPGimg_0947.JPGimg_0965.JPG   img_0959.JPG  

The Play Ground:Villagio Mall

Andrea and Sean love to go to Villagio mall.  Dad N came home but he had to go to another place to talk to his friend so he dropped us off in Villagio mall. Sean dozed off while we were in the car so Ate Andrea  should be the responsible Ate carrying all the other stuffs until we reach the Moonsoon Accessorize Shop.

After buying the “wants” for a nearly 4 year old kiddo from this shop for half of the items prices we headed to the fast food area. They told me that they want to buy from the Holly Wood Stall some brownies and muffins for their dessert and the usual order of chicken wings from KFC and the kiddie meal which consists of nuggets, fries and juice from McDonald’s.

And while we waited for Dad N to come and fetch us Andrea and Sean played, run to and fro and goofed around.

Here are some of their pics:

kids1.JPG   andreaballetd.JPG   kids2.JPG

Andrea’s picks:

                  moonsoon.JPG   moonsoonkids.JPG  

                  skirtshoes.JPG   mules.JPG

Elina or Cinderella?

andrea1.jpg   andrea2.jpg   andrea3.jpg

 Princess is torn on who she wants to be during her costume party in her 4th birthday. I told her to decide so that we can find the costume and I’m not going to let her have both, it should be only one. So one day she would say, “Mommy, I want to have a blue beautiful gown like Cinderella”. But then the following day there would be a change in her plans, she would say, “Oh, I want to be like Elina, pink wings and rainbow colored nice fairy dress!”

And yesterday while we were in Landmark Mall we saw in Marks and Spencer a beautiful Cinderella gown and it’s reversable so I asked her if she wants the gown and excitedly she said yes, she wants it. So, there now it’s settled. Her fourth birthday party would be a disney princess themed party. It’s just a simple party with all her friends in costumes and at least we settled the theme and the rest would be taken cared of by momsy.

                        andreacindy.JPG   andreacindy1.JPG

                       The reversible cinderella gown.

Stickers and Beads

Princess loves to collect and play with stickers (Disney Princesses and others) and got this new fancy on beads. We went to Dream Shopping Store to buy more Christmas decor for our Christmas tree and she asked for these stickers too. This is actually a best buy, for Qr. 2.50 you’ll get more than 400 Disney Stickers and there’s also another sticker pad which contains more than 700 tiny stickers only for Qr. 300 riyals. Well, as for Princess she’s pretty happy with all of her loot! And a box of tiny beads in 5 different colors cost only Qr. 2.75 riyals.


This lovely green beaded bracelet is made by Mom Dimpz for Princess.

A Great Day for Ate!

It’s been long overdue, our trip to a bookstore has been suspended for more than 5 times and now finally, we’d a time to visit Jarir Bookstore to buy Ate P’s books, but we ended up buying more. Ate P’s bourgeoning happiness upon the glimpse of books, and coloring books with Barney, BJ and Baby Bop on every pages were heightened by pure sheer of joy when she saw me handing her a pair of pink slippers, pencils, pencil sharpener and Daddy N gave her a hola hoop.

The day is not yet finished it’s just lunchtime soon after the trip to the bookstore we went straight to A & W and had a fattening meal. Ate P posed in front the camera to have a picture of her new pink slippers:)

Then the great day of the pretty toddler is not yet over yet, we went to Royal Plaza just to stroll but found out that GUess is on sale. And again Ate P have new tops and skirt while momsy got her new bag.


One, Two, Three…all let go for New year!!!

Princess trying to find her polka dotted head band :)

Princess took almost all of her clothes out from the closet tryin to figure maybe which of them will ultimately go out, surely will accompany 2005 and retain those that will fit her for 2006, but what she really wanted to find out was her polka dotted head band:) Cheers to you my dear, more blessings for 2006! Happy New year! We love you!